Dashboard Widget Descriptions v4

Dashboard Widget Descriptions v4

Note: These widgets are for v4 and older. To learn about v5, read: Dashboard Widget Descriptions v5

About widgets in Mindmatrix

While it is possible to add a custom widget if you have the Enterprise version of Mindmatrix software, you'll find that the majority of widgets in Mindmatrix will help you to achieve your goals.  There are two different types of widgets in Mindmatrix:
  1. Static widgets are included in every portal, regardless of the persona you select, and cannot be deleted or removed.
  2. Dynamic widgets can be toggled on or off and moved around the page.
Helpful Tips
  1. Some widgets will have the gear icon, allowing for further customization of a widget
  2. Dashboard pictures should match our standard sizing options
  3. Learn more about selecting widgets for your Dashboards here: How do I select widgets to include in my dashboard? (If you are working in a Salesforce Community, read about your widget options here: How do I select widgets to add in Salesforce communities?)

Tool-focused Widgets

Announcements (dynamic) - Show published announcements to all users within your company. Announcements are created within the Setup section, but are also displayed if this widget is added to the dashboard. This widget supports HTML. The top 3 most recent announcements will be displayed, with an option to drill deeper on a separate page.

Asset Search (dynamic) - Users can search emails, pdfs, presentations, landing pages, images, documents, videos and more by search term and/or category.
  1. My Favorites: Assets bookmarked by the logged-in User.
  2. New Assets: Assets created within the last 90 days.
  3. Recently Used assets: Assets created within the last 90 days and used by the logged-in User i.e. Media created or downloaded.
  4. Recommended Assets: 
  1. Option 1: By default, this is the logic of how the assets will be displayed under the recommended section:
    • It will show assets that were created within the last 90 days, ordered-by those that had the highest amount of sends via email, downloads, and clicks to customize. 
    • If any have the same amount, then next it will check the highest rating and display that asset first
    • If this also is the same then it will show the asset (template) that was most recently updated first
  2. Option 2: You can also configure the assets you want to recommend based on opportunity or contact level fields. 

    If opportunity or contact fields are checked in the asset configuration section to recommend content, then the last updated opportunity/contact checked field values will be the search text in view 
    assets(Click here to learn more)  

Deals to Opportunities (dynamic) - Register new deals, review new deals, review approved deals, and opportunities.

Deals to Opportunities v2 (dynamic) - An updated look and feel for the original deals to opportunities widget. The functionality is identical, but the skin of this widget may be customized further.

Linear Playbook Widget (dynamic) - This widget displays all steps the user must complete within linear playbook assigned to their account. It will also display if a deadline has passed for a User to complete that item.

Quicklink Buttons (dynamic) - Buttons that feature quicklinks to other places in the platform for end user ease of use. Link back to internal pages or external resources. Personalize buttons by selecting from 2 different design themes: icons or text. Add branding colors or adjust icons/titles/descriptions to personalize widgets.
  1. Additional quick links can be added here by clicking on the +/- button on the top righthand of the widget, then using the + and - on each box to add or remove it. 
  2. External Quicklinks boxes can be used to add important links for Users that go outside the portal
  3. Clicking on the gear icon next to each box can bring up further options for customization

New Assets (dynamic) - A feed of the 6 newest assets shared with the current user account.  Configure the assets that will appear for users based on Type (Print, Web, Email, Data Room, PowerPoint) and Filter. Users may rate, comment, send or download assets based on permission.

Playbooks - Large Thumbnail (dynamic) - Playbooks shared to the current user account. This is the thumbnail option with the larger display of icons. Both playbook widget options include a carousel, allowing you to scroll to additional playbooks.

Promotions (dynamic) - Review any templates shared with your account that are tagged as a promotional offer. These expire automatically based on the dates assigned by the administrator.

Videos - Large Thumbnail - Videos uploaded to the video gallery and shared to your user account.

Web Banner (dynamic)  - Display web banner graphic(s) you've created in the web banner template section. Go to Setup > Asset Management > Templates > Web Banner to create a new web banner to be featured here. (Learn more about creating web banners: How do I create a web banner?)

Web Banner v2 (dynamic)  - A secondary web banner that can be dragged and dropped anywhere within the dashboard.

Welcome Text (dynamic) - Display your own messages in this text editor and HTML friendly widget. Turn this on and go to the "color palette" icon to customize further.

Report-focused Widgets

Shared Contacts And Company Lists (dynamic) - If you share contacts with other users, you can display this report on their dashboard of the latest contacts shared based on interest level. You can also display segmented "company lists". Displays interactions of all contacts owned/shared by or to the user account with any assets, external sites or trackable links. This graph can be adjusted to show daily, weekly, monthly, collective stats. It can also be filtered based on type of activity and enhanced with stats from company smart lists in the lower row.

Hard Bounced Contacts (dynamic)  - Review an overall report on how many contacts are bounced or unsubscribed from any campaign sent through the software. This report will show you the total number of contacts within your company or organization, the number marked as Hard Bounced, contacts that unsubscribed through email links, and contacts that were manually unsubscribed by Users.

Prospect Conversions (dynamic)  - Displays conversion status of web leads and interest level score of all contacts available to the current account. Filter by Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, and Collective.

Linear Playbook Summary Widget (dynamic) - Review user progression through linear playbooks. The steps available in this widget will be based upon the steps configured within the playbook.

Last 5 Email Campaigns (dynamic) - Displays the open rate, click-through rate of the last 5 emails sent from the current user account.

Last 5 Email Drip Campaigns(dynamic) - Review the overall open rate of the last 5 drip campaigns played from your account in Mindmatrix. This will only display drip campaigns played from the current account.

Last 5 User Drip Campaigns (dynamic)- Review the overall open rate of the last 5 User Email Drip Campaigns played from your account in Mindmatrix. This will only display user drip campaigns played from the current account.

Asset Utilization (dynamic) - Which assets are being used the most by other users, and when were they created and last modified? How did users rate them and did they share any comments? Filter by Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days and by Rating. Customize assets by type: Print, Data Room, Email, Presentation, Web. 

Channel Manager Stats (dynamic) - Review the progression of your recruited channel partners, from contacts to interested partners currently submitting opportunities and interacting with your platform.

Opportunity Revenue Target Widget (dynamic) - A graph that displays the number of opportunities closed vs the target revenue goal, based on updates shared by users in the revenue planning form. Drill down based on Quarterly or Monthly stats.

Opportunity Summary (dynamic) - A graph that displays the number of live, closed/won and closed/lost opportunities using the default fields within Mindmatrix. Sort by daily, monthly, and collective stats. Review by opportunity folder configured.

Organization Group Report (dynamic) - Explore a "bird's eye" view of Organizations on a world map or toggle to a list view of Organizations. Drill down by country or segmentation via Organizational Groups setup under the User Management section. 

Organization Leaderboard (dynamic) - Review the top performing Organizations in your partner or sales ecosystem. Sort by Top 5 - 15, Today, Last 7 Days or Last 30 Days, Total Opportunity Created, Closed/Won Opportunity, Late Login Date, Users, Total Emails Sent, Total Assets Used, Deals Registered, Funds Requested.

Videos - Small Thumbnail (dynamic)  Videos with larger thumbnails, uploaded to the video gallery and shared to your user account.

To-Do Notifications (dynamic)- To-do notifications can be turned on for your users to easily take action on tasks triggered from Smart Lists, Playbooks, and Drip Campaigns.

Stats Ring (dynamic) - Feature stats that you select for your end users. Dashboard settings will show multiple choices available that you can add/remove within the set-up of the widget itself.

Shared Leads Report (dynamic) - Report on the activity of all leads shared with the current user. Review active leads, leads associated with opportunities, inactive leads, and leads with no user activity.

Sales Manager Stats (dynamic)- Review the status of leads in sales user accounts, opportunity amount values and overall closed ratio, Hot/High/Medium interest levels of contacts, pending and completed certifications by users, New assets available from marketing.

User To-Dos (dynamic) - Tasks assigned to individual users and count of tasks assigned.

Web Leads (dynamic) - External website tracking gives users the ability to see their contacts and anonymous visitors on their website.  Displays all anonymous and known web leads that have recently visited a web asset created via Mindmatrix or have been captured via the external tracking code or trackable links.

List-focused Widgets

Popular Assets Used (dynamic)- Displays the top 3, most used assets by yourself or other users in thumbnail format for quick-access.

Playbooks - Small Thumbnail 2 (dynamic) - Playbooks shared to the current user account. This is the thumbnail option with the smaller display of icons. Both playbook widget options include a carousel, allowing you to scroll to additional playbooks.

Playbooks - Small Thumbnail 2 (dynamic) - Playbooks shared to the current User account. This is the thumbnail option with the smallest display of icons. Drag and drop the icon display order.

Partner Activity And Organization Stats (dynamic) - Displays a line graph of partner activity over time as well as interest levels of organizations managed by you. Review internal activities within the platform as well as external activities.

User Leaderboard (dynamic) Review top-performing users within your organization or organizations you manage.

Playbooks - Small Thumbnail 1 (dynamic)- Feature playbooks with a page by page scroll option.

Contact Activity Feed (dynamic) - Display a feed of the most recent contact activities. Activity feeds can be user or contact based depending upon the persona you select. The purpose of this feed is to show you close to real time activity in the platform, as well as the most recent activities completed by the top 7 to 10 most recent users. The length of this feed will dynamically adjust to fit the most recent number of contacts or users. Activity feeds contain two panels: user/contact and assets. The assets tab will display the most recent asset templates shared to the user.

Contact Activity And Company Lists (dynamic)- Display a line graph of contact activities over time with a breakdown of contacts by lead score and interest level. Admins can also feature company lists by selecting the setting under Setup > Company Lists.

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