How can I explore enhancements in engagement reports?

How can I explore enhancements in engagement reports?


This document highlights recent enhancements to the engagement report, providing users with a more comprehensive understanding of organizational and user engagement. Users can access this feature in the report section, specifically within the engagement level reports.

Accessing the Engagement Report:

  1. Navigate to the report section.
  1. Select "Engagement Level Reports" to access detailed insights.

Overview of the Report:

  • The report comprises three main sections: Overview, Heat Map, and Activity Details.

The overview section will show you the engagement Level metrics performed by the partner organizations. This will give you the stats of interest level of total organizations and users

Exploring Heat Map:

  1. The "Heat Map" tab displays organizational information on a map.

  1. Clicking on a specific organization on the map loads a detailed report for that organization.

Activity Details:

  • The "Activity Details" tab provides insights into partner activity and organization stats.

  1. Details include the total number of logged-in users, integrated users, total deals, and certifications achieved by users.

Viewing Organization Group chart:
  1. It will display all the organization groups created under the company along with the organizations associated with each group.

  • Clicking on the number of organizations reveals a list of organizations associated with the selected organization group.

Engagement Level:

  1. This portion of the report will display the selected organization from the organization group section and provide us with interest level status and the total number of partners added to the organization.

  1. This section helps users to send emails to specific organizations by clicking on "Send Email Campaign."
  2. Allows you to Select a template, proceed through the steps, and finalize by clicking "Finish." It will automatically add all the users from the organization to send the email.

Organization Groups/Organizations Dropdown Functionality:

  • Users can filter reports based on organization groups and specific organizations

Custom Date Range:

  • Users can generate reports for custom date ranges by specifying start and end dates.

These enhancements to the engagement report offer users a robust tool for analyzing and managing organizational and user engagement effectively. The ability to drill down into specific organizations, utilize templates for communication, and visualize data through heat maps enhances the overall user experience. For further insights, users are encouraged to explore the report sections, including Overview, Heat Map, and Activity Details.

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