How do I add personalization to an email template?

How do I add personalization to an email template?

Personalization is a powerful tool that can be used across assets within Mindmatrix.  Insert codes to automatically show data from fields within a user's profile, organization, or company.

How can you access personalization?

  • In the email template editor, click on the </> which is under Insert tab, which is our field chooser. For information on how to access the template editor, click here.

  • Select the type of personalization you would like to add.
  • User fields will be selected by default. These control what information shows up about the User sending the email.
  • Company fields are your company contact information.
  • Contact fields will let you show information about the recipient in the email.

  • For example, in order to personalize an email, I would select ”contact fields”, then I would select “First Name”.

  • Select the “Type” of field you are inserting. A conditional field will only show certain data if a particular criteria is met. A non-conditional field will just show the data as long as it exists.


  • If you select conditional, you will see several options for the rules you want to setup to display data

  • Enter a value or leave the Enter Value field blank. Then click “Insert & Finish” if you’re done.

  • Tailor or style the content you want to appear. You can even put other personalization fields inside of conditions, like in the example below:

  • Everything between the two [if] [/if] brackets will be displayed following your rule. In the example above, If the value for a contact’s first name is available in the database, then this email will show “Hi Stacy Smith,” at the top.

We recommend testing any personalization variables before you send a final campaign.

Available personalization

Photos - Organization logos, User Profile pictures and Company photos
Insert codes corresponding to the respective fields in an organization or user profile.

Organizations can have multiple photo options. Be sure to test using the appropriate field in your email template.

Call to action buttons have various options. Select System Variables to access field choices related to user, contact and organization fields:

Alternatively, select from any of the pre-created personalization options available to create your email campaigns:

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