How do I create a custom format for Product Database records?

How do I create a custom format for Product Database records?

Accessing the "Product Custom Fields" Editor:

Go to Set Up > Custom Fields > Product Custom Fields

Click on the "Create" button. 

Give Your Format a name and then click "Save". 

'Enter Info' Options: 
A. Permissions: Set permission and access levels for other Users. 
B. Name
C. Description
D. Other Display Settings

Creating Organizational Tabs and Data Entry Fields:

Creating Organizational Tabs:

Click on the "Add New Tab" button

'Add New Tab' options:
A. Tab Name: enter a default display name
B. Enter the display name for different localizations.

Give your organizational tab a default display name, and then click "Save"

Creating Data Entry Fields:

Select "Add Another Form Field"

'Create Form' Options: 
A. Localization: Set display names for different language localizations
B. Select Field Type
C. Enter Field Display Name: Set the default display name
D. Enter Parser Name
E. Select a Display: Select the data entry field's physical position on the database record page. 
F. Required Field: Require users to enter data into this data entry field when creating/editing a database record.
G. Data Should Be Unique: Prevents users from submitting records with identical inputs for a given field.
I.  Other Display Settings

Select Fieldtype, enter a Display and Parser Name, and then click "Save". 

Organization Tab and Form Field editor options: 
A. Edit Tab
B. Delete Tab
C.  Add New Tab
D. Edit Form Field
E. Delete Form Field
F. Rearrange Position and Order of Form Fields
G. Create New Form Field

Saving Your Configuration:

Repeat the above steps for all tabs and data entry fields. When you are finished, click "Save".

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