How do I create a database?

How do I create a database?

Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 13 October 2015 10:41 AM

To create a new database, go to setup, and then “Products Database”, and then click “Create”.


 From there click “Add New Tab”


Then, give your tab a name and then click “save”.


After that,  click “add a new form field”



Fill out the data for the new window, and then click “Save”.



If you wish to delete, edit, or rearrange the fields, click on the icons in the upper left hand corner.



If you wish to divide your fields into different categories, (for example for different franchises), then you can add a new tab. The process for selecting and naming a new tab is the same as for choosing a new field form.


When you have done that, give your data a name and description, and then click “Save”.


Finally set the user company permissions to the appropriate level, and then click save again.



Your template will now appear in the database section.

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