How do I create a trackable link?

How do I create a trackable link?

First to go to "Manage" > "External Tracking" > "Links".

Click “Create” to create a new trackable link.

Track Links Options:
A. Track Media
B. Track Link
C. Enter Link Tracking Display Name
D. Enter Link Tracking Description
E. Add Search Filter Tags
F. Mark link as belonging to a company and/or partner organization
G. Add gallery thumbnail image

You can either choose to enter the URL that you would like to track or you can choose an asset for the Bridge platform to track. When you have made your selection, click "Save". 

This will bring up a trackable link for you to copy and paste for use.  When you are finished, click “Copy”.

You can retrieve this code at any time using the "Trackable Code" hyperlink.

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