How do I delete contacts?

How do I delete contacts?

There are two ways to delete contacts from your account.

Method A (Deleting a single Contact entry): 

Method B (Deleting one or more Contacts):

Notes on CRM Bi-directional Sync: 

If you have CRM integration, you should work with our support team to remove contacts from your account. There are several steps you will need to take to safely delete contacts, and they are detailed below.

Since there is a bi-directional sync between Mindmatrix and your CRM, it is important that you disconnect this sync before removing contacts from your CRM and from Mindmatrix. Below is a high level overview of what we advise. If you  have any concerns about removing contacts yourself, please email our support desk.
  1. Disconnect your sync between Mindmatrix and your CRM. We suggest planning this in advance since during this time you will not be able to automatically push contacts between your Mindmatrix account and CRM.
  2. Export a list of contacts you would like to remove from Mindmatrix (optional). We advise this step so you have a record of what you plan to delete.
  3. Review your CRM and delete any contacts that you no longer want to be pushed to Mindmatrix.
  4. Review Mindmatrix, and delete these contacts from Mindmatrix or email support to request they are deleted on your behalf. (You can do this in the case of larger lists if you have service hours available for the month).
  5. When finished, reconnect the sync between your Mindmatrix account and your CRM. If you are unsure of how to do this, please reach out to

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