How do I enable a privacy note on my website tracking code?

How do I enable a privacy note on my website tracking code?

Displaying a privacy note can be a helpful tool to help you maintain compliance with standards enacted by both GDPR and the CCPAA (as of Nov 2019).

This article will detail how to enable this for an existing tracking code.

First, contact an administrator to set a privacy URL for your organization. You will need to provide a privacy policy- once this is added to your account, it will automatically load with your privacy notice.

For most clients you can follow the steps below.

1. Go to Manage > External Tracking > External Sites

2. Click on the website tracking code you would like to update

3. Navigate to the editor

4. Click the option to display the privacy note and save

Once this is properly updated, you should see the privacy note appear on your website.

If you did not contact an administrator by emailing to add a privacy link this message will appear instead, and you will have to reach out to finish the process.

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