How do I hide the contacts and user activities report?

How do I hide the contacts and user activities report?


Managing contact and user activity reports is vital for organizations to maintain control and ensure compliance with policies. The ability to conceal contact and user activity reports is crucial for organizations to manage data visibility and adhere to privacy standards. This guide explains how to use the feature to hide these reports, ensuring that access is regulated.

Understanding Access Control for Contact Activities:

Visibility of contact activities is dependent on the permission settings established for each role.

Advanced Settings Configuration:

Look for the 'Hide Contact Activities' option in the advanced settings under the roles section. This checkbox is typically selected by default to restrict access. Unchecking it will grant visibility of the contact activity reports across the system.

Assigning Roles:

Apply the newly created or modified roles to the relevant user groups within your system. Ensure that these roles are assigned accurately to facilitate seamless operations.

User Persona (Sales) Configuration:
For sales-related roles, ensure that contact activity permissions are set to meet the needs of the persona. Disabling these permissions will remove activities from the Notification Manager and hide the Contact Activity report.

User Persona (Channel Manager) Configuration:

For channel manager roles, disabling user permissions will conceal the User Activity report from both the Report Menu and the Notification Manager. Unchecking the contact activity option will allow the display of these activities in the reports menu.

Monitoring Notification Manager:
Regularly monitor the notification manager to observe how contact activities are being displayed. Ensure that the settings are configured to display relevant user feeds and contact activities feeds as intended.

By following these steps, you can effectively implement the 'Hide Contact Activities' feature within your system, thereby enhancing control and visibility over contact-related interactions while adhering to organizational policies and requirements.
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