How do I import Contacts?

How do I import Contacts?

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Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 08 September 2015 08:26 AM

Before you begin, please make sure that your contact lists are in a CSV using one of the templates here

Once you have your CSV saved, you are ready to import contacts.

First go to Connections, then Import.

Connections Import


Click “Import” to import your contacts.




Next, you can choose which option you would like to use to import contacts.  Once you made your choice, click “Go”.




If you chose to import a CSV or TXT file, you will need to upload that document.



Drop your file to upload or click on the box to find a file on your computer.  Once you have selected your file, click “Done”.



Choose your file that you would like to import and click “Next”.


Choose Speadsheet to Import


Once we click on Next, we get the field mapping option. This screen has multiple options:

Update Current Contact Data? – In case there is existing contact in the account, it will help us in updating the information for the same.

Field mapping – map the available fields from the list in the portal.

You will need to map your fields.  You must have either an email address or mobile number in order to import the list.  By default, the software will add these contacts to a recipient list called "Import [Date] [Time]". To create a new recipient list or add your contacts to a recipient list, click on the "+" icon.  You can add contacts to more than 1 recipient list. 

Choose Recipient List


Select a recipient list that has already been created or you can create a new recipient list.

Choose Recipient List


If you are creating a new recipient list, create a name for your list and click "Save".

New Recipient List

Once you've selected your recipient list, click "Select" in the bottom right corner of the window.

To remove the original recipient list, click on the "X" icon to remove it.  

Remove Recipient List

Also, now you can simply enter the name of the new contact recipient list in the provided field, and if it's not already in existence, the system will offer it as a new selection in the dropdown menu for you to create and choose.

Please check the screenshot below for the existing contact list:

If you would like to update contact data with this list import, select the checkbox next to "Update current contact data?".  This allows you to bulk update contact records.  Please keep in mind that if you have a CRM integration set up, the CRM record is the master record, so if you need to update contact records, please do so in your CRM.

Be sure to verify that all contacts are opted in to receive emails from your company.  

Once you have completed these two steps, click "Finish".

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