How do I import events into the Bridge Calendar System?

How do I import events into the Bridge Calendar System?


The ability to import events into an event calendar system significantly enhances event management efficiency. This feature allows users to integrate event data from sources like Excel spreadsheets, eliminating the need for manual data entry and improving productivity.

Preparing Your Data:

1. Organize your event information in an Excel spreadsheet with columns for the event title, location, start and end times, color coding, reminders, and event type (e.g., all-day event).
2. In the Reminder Time column, enter "0" for no reminder and values like "5" or "10" for minutes before the event.

Access the Event Calendar Page:

Navigate to the event calendar page within the system. Go to Sales> Calendar> Import Events Calendar

Initiate the import process.

Click on the "Import Calendar Event" option to trigger the import wizard. This action will prompt a dialog box where you can upload your Excel file containing the event data.

Upload an Excel file:

Select the Excel file from your local storage and upload it onto the Mindmatrix platform as directed. Once uploaded, the system will process the file, extracting the relevant event information.

Verify Data and Mapping:
Review the uploaded Excel sheet to ensure the data is accurate and complete. Proceed to the next step to map the fields from the Excel sheet to the corresponding fields in the event calendar system. Common fields include title, description, location, start and end times, event color, and reminders.

Set update preferences:
Decide whether you want the system to update existing events based on the imported data. By enabling this option, any changes made to event details (except for the title and start/end times) will be reflected in the system. This prevents duplicate entries and ensures data consistency.

Sharing Events:
You can share the uploaded events with users, user groups, organizations, organization groups, and companies. You can also enable email notifications for event updates.

Confirm Event Creation:
Verify that the events have been successfully created or updated within the event calendar system. Navigate to the media side of the event page to view the newly imported events alongside any existing ones.

When you set a reminder for an event, an email notification is sent to the shared users and the event creator.

Following these steps, users can seamlessly import events into the event calendar system, streamlining event management processes and ensuring data accuracy and consistency.

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