How do I opt-in to use a preferred or certified IP with Mindmatrix?

How do I opt-in to use a preferred or certified IP with Mindmatrix?

Clients who qualify may opt-in to access a certified IP. Certified IPs are only available for clients who have cleaned their lists, and agree to remove all non-consenting or opted-in contacts from their campaign efforts. This ensures that the quality of the IP is excellent for all senders.

You can be removed from the certified IP for poor list performance at any-time. In order to maintain access, only email contacts who have agreed to receive communications about your company, product or services, or from a member of your organization.

If contacts report your emails as spam or abuse, your access to send emails on the select IP will be removed to protect other users.

How can you qualify?

Check your past performance:

If you have a higher open rate than bounce rate, you may qualify for access. To submit your account for review, email

Notice: accounts that do not qualify, and have been found to use lists that aren't clean within the last 30 days may be rejected. Be sure to review your performance before you apply.

Clean your list:

If you have a new list that you will email, clean it first using a list cleaning service. While we do not endorse any specific list cleaning service, you can utilize a third party provider to clean your list before adding it to the product for sending emails.

Call your contacts:

Notify your contacts that you are going to add them to an email list as a part of a campaign. Your Consultant can provide a script to help you explain how you are going to get in touch with them using an email marketing platform.

Once you've followed the steps above, and are confident that your list has been opted-in to receive campaigns--reach out to our team at From there, you can sign an agreement to gain access to the certified IP.

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