How do I publish a blog post on my website?

How do I publish a blog post on my website?

Publishing a Blog post

Publishing a blog post on the website requires an active blogging account in the user profile section.  Once the blog is linked to your Mindmatrix account with the categories on the blog displaying, you are ready to publish the blog posts that are available in your account.

To create a blog post go to “Campaign”, then “Social”, then “Social Post”, scroll down and click “Create”. Select Rich text (especially designed for blog posts) , Then Media and select any blog posts available in the account.

The blogs can also be published directly from the Assets section.

For this click Assets > View Entire Library > Blog posts and click Social share.

When the publishing window comes up, ensure the correct title  and category for the required blog and publish,

Adding blogs to an already running blog Drip 

To add more blogs to an already running blog campaign,

Go to Campaigns > Social > Social Drip > Select a blog drip with only the blogger sign (these are the ones created in rich text)    

In the selected Social drip select Create > Media > Insert the blog post required to be added > Ensure the blog post title is correct and save.

The above action will ensure that the added blog post will be added to the social drip and published based on the frequency and days selected.

your blog should appear on your website shortly.

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