How do I review reports on emails I send?

How do I review reports on emails I send?

Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 13 August 2015 07:14 AM
  • Mindmatrix allows you to use a variety of metrics to measure the effectiveness of your emails, the most important of which is condensed into an easy-to-digest report. To view, these reports click on “Communicate” and then select “Email”.




  • Select the email you want to view.
  • The “Report” option will be selected by default.

  • The Stats and Activities graph shows the number of emails opened and links clicked over a given period of time. The bar below it shows the total number of emails sent, the total number of emails opened, the total number of links clicked, and the total number of contacts who have unsubscribed.  The delivery ratio compares the number of emails sent vs the number of emails bounced and the bird’s eye view shows you where your recipients are located throughout the world.

For additional information on the email, click on the “Views” menu.


  • “Message” shows what the email looks like to the recipient.
  • “Recipients” shows which contacts the email was sent to, what companies they are from, and how engaged they currently are.
  • “Opened” shows how many, emails the recipient opened, and how many links the recipient clicked.
  • “Bounced” shows which contacts were unable to receive the email.
  • "Unopened" shows which contacts received but did not open the email.
  • “Links” shows the number of unique visits and total visits for each site.
  • “Unsubscribed” shows how many users unsubscribed from a specific email.
  • Finally, spam complaints shows how many contacts reported the message as spam.
You can export any of these lists by clicking on the vertical ellipses and clicking "export". 

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