How do I set up a Role and assign it to a User or User Group? (Channel/Enterprise)

How do I set up a Role and assign it to a User or User Group? (Channel/Enterprise)

It is possible to personalize navigation menus within Mindmatrix software. If you are unable to navigate to the correct page, contact your platform administrator.

Roles will allow you to assign software level permissions to Users. When you assign roles to groups, you can apply these permissions to multiple Users at one time and even revoke different levels of access.

To start:
Click on “Setup” and then click on “User Management” and then click “Roles”. In the roles section, hit the “Create” button.


When you are in the process of creating a new role, the system now offers a streamlined way to simultaneously establish a new user group. Within the 'INFO' section of the role creation interface, there's a checkbox labeled 'Create a User Group and assign the Role'. When this option is selected, it not only creates the new role but also automatically generates a corresponding user group, to which the new role is immediately assigned.

Furthermore, if you create a role and opt not to include a specific description, and the role is meant for an existing user group, the system will generate a new user group with a unique identifier, typically a time stamp, added to its name for differentiation. Subsequently, the role’s description will be auto-filled using information from the 'Platform Personas - Getting Started' section to provide context and clarity about the role's intended use and permissions.

Screenshot from the user group’s page:

Screenshot from roles page:

In the “Media” tab, you can slide forward to make areas of the software visible. The media tab controls all access EXCEPT for access to the Setup section. “Not Set” means that this Role will not let Users access this section of the software. Sliding the bar all the way up to “Delete” will let users access those sections listed and delete their own creations.

In the “System” tab, you can slide up additional permissions for controlling the software. Here, you can decide what administrative level functions a User should have access to adjust or change. For example, slide the bar next to Users all the way to the right to give someone permission to create more Users.

In the “Features” tab, you can turn on User access to 1) drip - Play any drips 2) notifications -  turn on notifications in their User Profile 3) autopublishing - Access any social media publishing 4) contactsharing - Share contacts 5) marketingui - Access a marketing UI
You can also select the “Persona” for the role, which determines the type of UI users see when they log in.

To save your work, click “Save”.
Next, go to the Group section and create or edit your group.

The software will automatically walk you through this process.

On Step 3, “Roles”, simply select your role and click “add” to give all Users in your new group these permissions.

On the roles assignment page, we have introduced three new folders: All, Added, and Not Added. These folders serve to facilitate the checking of assignments made for the created role.

Finally, hit “Save”.

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