How do I view a trackable link report?

How do I view a trackable link report?

Asset & External Website tracking

Users may add a tracking code to their website. This tracking code allows reporting of both, anonymous and known visitors to the tracked website. Known visitors are all those contacts who have opened an email which was sent by users using the system. All Assets in the system can be similarly tracked as they are also sent as a link by users in emails or social media.

Who would use this?

Any user that has created a tracking link and would like to review the reporting. 


1. To view your tracking link reporting go to Reports > External Tracking > External Link Reports

2. On the bottom of web page you will find a list of all External Links - select the link you would like to review

3. This will bring up an overview of a few different reports. Stats and Activity show you the activity over time. Snapshot shows unique vs. clicks and Birds eye gives a visual of where your contacts are interacting. 

Definition of the stats as mentioned below:

  1. Self-referrer - Originates from pages within your own domain.
  2. Browser referrer - Typed the URL in the browser.
  3. Website referrer - Redirected or clicked a link on another website.
  4. Email referrer - Clicked on the link in an email.
  5. Search Engine referrer - Searched in a search engine such as Google or Bing.
  6. Social Media referrer - Clicked on a link in a social media post such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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