How does contact/lead syncing for CRMs work?

How does contact/lead syncing for CRMs work?

Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 12 January 2016 03:22 PM

This article will provide you with an overview of how contact and lead syncing works between Mindmatrix and your CRM.

 General Points

  • CRM integration is a bi-directional sync.
  • Only one CRM may be integrated with an Organization or Company account.
  • The CRM admin should always be integrated with your Mindmatrix account to provide the most contact visibility.
  • After a CRM admin integrates with Mindmatrix, users will automatically be shared contacts from the CRM via the admin's account.
  • User account email addresses should match the email addresses of their User account within the CRM.

Ownership of Contacts or Leads


Lead or Contact ownership is set by your CRM. Mindmatrix will match your user id email address in Mindmatrix to your email address id or unique user id within your CRM to determine ownership of a contact or lead. This ownership is then passed to Mindmatrix and is visible when you create a smart list to search for contacts owned by a user, or when you click view and check sharing for a single contact:

 1. Click on Views on any contact and navigate to Sharing.


2. The sharing window will expose who owns the contact and who it is shared to - in the screenshot below, one user owns this contact and it is shared to other users in Mindmatrix either via smart list or CRM visibility settings - meaning these users are also allowed to see this contact, according to the CRM.






If a contact was made in Mindmatrix and not your CRM, then it will owned by whichever user account created it. This means that if you create a form in User A account and customize/publish it from User A's account, then User A will own the contact that fills out the form and is created as a result. Once this contact is pushed over to the CRM, it will also be owned by User A and show up as a Lead in their CRM.

For example:

User A - creates a form

Contact 1 completes form and is added to Mindmatrix.

User A now created and owns Contact 1.

Contact 1 is pushed to the CRM.

User A also owns the contact in their CRM.

How to Change Ownership

Your CRM will always be the master record. In order to change ownership of any contact, you must re-assign the contact owner in your CRM.


Pushing Contacts to your CRM



Contacts are pushed to your CRM in the following ways.

  1. Manually. This is done by pushing Sync to CRM on the contact report page.
  2. Automatically. This is set by the "Sync setting" you select when you connect you activate your CRM account in Mindmatrix. You can select anywhere between 10 minutes to 24 hours to sync a contact.
  3. Automatically at the appropriate Interest Level. Contacts will automatically flow from Mindmatrix into your CRM when they reach an interest level threshold you select. This is done by configuring the Push setting in the CRM tab in the Lead Score section. If Push is set to Disable, no sync options will work.
  4. Assigning a "to-do" in Mindmatrix. If you assign a to-do task notification, this will automatically share the contact down to and sync it over to the respective user's CRM account with them set as owner.


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