How should I select an email address to use in Mindmatrix?

How should I select an email address to use in Mindmatrix?

Since Mindmatrix software uses marketing IPs to send emails, certain email addresses are banned for use to ensure the best delivery rate for your email campaigns.
If you request a banned email address at the support desk, the request to update your account with this email address will be denied in the interest of protecting the IP address reputation and ensuring that your emails have the best open rates possible. 

Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 23 February 2016 11:51 AM

Mindmatrix recommends using your own real email address to send emails, whenever possible. A common mistake made by many users is assuming that any info@ or news@ - depersonalized email address - will do. In fact, these can serve as triggers for savvy recipients that know to block these types of depersonalized addresses.

Why should I use my own email address or an email address of a sales or marketing rep?
1. Emails will receive a better response rate if they are associated with a person. Recipients are more likely to open the email in their inbox.
How does the email address I am using affect the turn around of my sales process?
2. As they nurture leads through the sales process they will want a familiar name or face associated with the content. Prospects will be more likely to respond and convert when they recognize a person.
What happens if I use an email address from the "banned list" for my account?
3. If they use an email address from our disallowed list- their emails are more likely to never make it past a spam filter because IT administrators know that these are marketing emails. Most IT admins know to automatically mark these types of emails as spam.

The following role-based email addresses are not allowed for use to send emails from:

As a best practice, you should use a real email address connected to an inbox. If you use a distribution list, a role-based email address, or an email address that is not real, your emails are more likely to go to spam. Even using companyname@ is not recommended. 

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