How do I create a new User account?

How do I create a new User account?

Only for Enterprise, Channel Program and MM Direct Customer (Not for MSP Advantage or IT Advantage)

You must have the correct Permissions to create Users - if you do not see the Create option noted below, or 

When you add a User to the system - they can be automatically emailed with the link to the login page, their Username, and a temporary password. This password will expire. You must notify your newly added Users to let them know to check for the email.

Note, it may go to their spam or junk folder. If they do not receive the email, please contact (If a Partner User is having issues, please contact on behalf of Partner unless otherwise stated in your contract).

To create a new User Account, go to Users in the Setup tab and select User Management

From there, select "Users" and then click on “Create” to make a new User.

Give your new User a Username (email address is easiest), add their email address, first and last name, and click on save. Your new User will receive an email with login instructions.

You must assign your new User to a group so they have permissions. Go to the Groups tab and click on a group to add your new User to the correct User Group. (Learn more about User Groups here.)

You can add that particular User in an existing Organization to which it belongs, or else create a new Organization. Further, a newly create Organization can be added to respective Organization Group in the same window (see 1#, "+Associate Org to Group" blue button after the new Organization is created).

In the Summary section, you will see a preview of the User profile that you have created. If you wish, you can email a temporary log-in password to the new User, to yourself, or to a third party of your choice. When you click "Finish", your new entry will appear in your User Lists. 

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