How do I create a web banner?

How do I create a web banner?

The web banner editor allows for Users to create web banners that can be used internally (on pages such as the Dashboard, internal playbooks & Welcome Page) and externally (landing pages, brochures, marketing). Interactive banners also lets users to create attractive & attention grabbing banners using text, images, videos, call to action buttons, slide-shows and fancy animation styles.

Web banners may have multiple pages.
An example of an external web banner created in Mindmatrix software:

Creating a Banner

To create a web banner, select ‘Templates’ from ‘Asset Management’ Under ‘Set Up’. Select the Web Banner option to bring up a Create button.

Click ‘Create’ to design a new banner

Choose if you'd like internal or external type (Would this be used as 'Internal' i.e. within AMP or 'External' i.e. on Web?)

Give the banner a name, description, validity & filters. Click on ‘arrow' icon to continue.

Optional information fields: 
A. Language: Select the default localization langauge for this template
B. Description: add any relevant explanatory notes and comments
C. Valid From, Valid To, and Expiry Reminder: set template expiration date
D. Filters and Filter Category: add search filter tags

Configure your template settings, and then click on the 'arrow' icon to access the template editor. 

Settings Options: 
A. Select Template Thumbnail Image
B. Selection template's default pixel dimensions
C. Select Brand and Theme collateral

Use the Web Banner template editor tools to design your template web pages. 

Web Banner Editor Options:
A. Manage Pages: create, delete, and arrange template web pages
B. Navigate to new page
C. Page Settings: view proporties (background color, pixel dimensions, seo tags, ect) for this page
D. Add Object: add text, images, cta buttons, pages sections, and other items. 
E. Layers: view and/or rearrange all items currently on page.

You can start by giving the section a background color or image under Settings

Click on the ‘Add’ menu to add objects to the editor. Either ‘click on the object’ or ‘drag & drop the object’ that you wish to add to the editor

Animation Styles for Interactive Objects

You can use the various animation styles provided for every object. Double-click on an object to bring up the settings on the righthand side.

  1. Rank determines the order of the animations
  2. Animation type determines what happens

Linking Objects to Assets and Pages within the Portal

This feature is exclusive to INTERNAL banners.
To link objects like images, text or call to action buttons with pages within the portal, double-click on an object to bring up the settings on the righthand side. (If you are using a call-to-action button, this is part of the CTA creation step.) Click on the chain link.

Then select, 'internal links' from the drop-down. Select your page that you wish to link the object to & click ‘Save’

Slideshow Banners

To make the banner appear like a slideshow, click on the ‘Page list’ button

Click on the ‘Add New Page’ button to add the pages that will act as banner slides.

To start designing, navigate to a slide (page) by clicking it

Once done, click on the ‘Page Settings’ button

Select the animation properties for the slide

Page Settings (for slide transitions):
A. Transition: defines the animation style in which the slide should enter the screen
B. Duration (in seconds): is for how long the slide should stay on the screen
C. Direction: is where you want the slide the enter the screen from

When you are done with the editor, save your work and the click on the 'arrow' icon to continue to the final section.

If you wish, you may use the sliders to set permission and access levels for other users and user groups, When you are done, click  ‘Finish’ to save and exit the template creator. 

Important Note:
As internal banners can contain links to pages within the portal, they can only be uploaded in the banner section for Dashboard, Welcome Page & Internal Playbooks. You cannot use them in any other assets created in the portal.

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