How do I hide contact tabs based on the persona of the user?

How do I hide contact tabs based on the persona of the user?

Channel managers or marketing admins may wish to hide certain fields from users in Mindmatrix. You can do this based on permissions via the persona of the end-user. 
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 14 March 2018 06:29 PM


This feature allows the User who has access to create custom contact fields to display tabs based on different personas of the company.

Who will be using this?

This feature will be created by User who has access to create custom contact fields and is visible in contact page for all other Users of the company based on their persona.


This will provide showing/hiding of contact tabs based on persona. i.e. If a custom tab with custom field is created and it is useful only for Marketing User then the whole tab can be hidden from Users of other personas except for Corporate Marketing Users.


While creating custom contact fields for each tab created there will be an icon (fa-eye) to make the tab hidden/shown for different persona.

Clicking on the icon will open a pop-up displaying a drop down with option of “All Personas” selected.

The other options are “Specific Personas” and “Hide for All”.

If “Specific Personas” is selected then it will slide down all the existing personas in the install and User can uncheck for any persona and the tab will be hidden for Users of that persona.

If “Hide for all” is selected then the tab will be hidden for all. (This option can be used for staging of tabs till it is finally approved.)

If a tab contains even a single mandatory field or mandatory static field then it will be changed to “All Personas” in disabled mode with a message as “This tab has mandatory field and hence cannot be hidden”. The mandatory check will also be done on clicking of “Save” of main page provided a new field is added to the tab which is mandatory after setting the display options.

The sample JSON is

{ "tab": "Basic Info", display: "all" }, { "tab": "Marketing", display: "specific", personas: ["corporatemarketing", "channelmanager"] }, { "tab": "Staging", display: "hidden" } 

Note: For all existing company’s tabs in all install, it will be “All Personas” i.e. if the tab doesn't exist in the json, then it assumes {"display": "all"}.

The contact form will then be displayed accordingly (based on the persona of the logged-in User) in Connection >Contact page as well as other places where contact edit page is displayed across AMP.

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