How to review Account Overlap Report?

How to review Account Overlap Report?

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the account overlap report process. Let's dive into the step-by-step process.

Navigating to Account Overlap report:
Click on Reports> Account Overlap Reports (installURL/#reports/accountoverlapreport).

Explore Vertical+GEO-Based Overlapping:
Utilize the first option to identify account overlap based on location and verticals. This feature provides insights into accounts that share geographical and vertical similarities.

Discover Vertical-Based Overlapping:
Alternatively, explore account overlap based on verticals. Verticals represent different industry types, offering a comprehensive view of overlapping accounts within specific sectors.

Your Account & Org Account Overlap
Displays overlapping accounts at the organization level. Experiment with different views and verticals to gain a nuanced understanding of account overlap. The provided options enhance the user's ability to tailor the analysis to specific criteria.

Org with Accounts Overlap:
See how many organizations are there in your system with overlapping accounts. Also, different segments are given for sorting accounts overlap.

Explore Map View Options:
This report allows users to visualize account overlap geographically, providing a spatial understanding of the distribution of overlapping organizations. A dropdown menu is provided for additional customization. Clicking on the dropdown reveals options related to maintenance. This allows users to tailor the information displayed on the Account Overlap page.

​Users can effectively navigate the Account Overlap page, leveraging its features to gain valuable insights into account relationships based on location and verticals. This structured approach ensures a thorough exploration of overlapping accounts for informed decision-making.

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