How do I save an Email Template in "My Favorites"?

How do I save an Email Template in "My Favorites"?


Use the favorites option while composing an email to save it for future use.

How to do it:

To start, navigate your email inbox. In this example, this part of the platform can be reach by Communication > Send an Email.

Note: On the Bridge platform, clients can personalize menu navigation to better suit the specific needs of their Users. Things may be under a different part of your navigation bar depending on your settings and customization. Contact your platform administrator, Support Team or Consultant for further assistance if you can’t find the selection noted.

Click "Compose". 

Select a template and then click on the "next" icon.

In the Editor, click on the "Save as Favorite" button.

Enter a version name, and then click "Save".

Now, the email is saved under the favorites tab. To check the same, again click on compose then “My Favorites” tab.

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