How to use “HTML Code” smart object in Email Editor

How to use “HTML Code” smart object in Email Editor

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Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 14 March 2018 05:59 PM


This feature allows the User to use HTML snippets while creating Email template in Editor.

Who will be using this?

This feature will be used by all the Users who have access to Setup > Asset Management > Templates.


This will provide User to their own HTML design embedded in the email template design based on Mindmatrix architecture. It gives the User the flexibility to use AMP Email Editor as well as customized HTML in a single template design.


Only in template editor i.e. in Setup > Asset Management > Templates and for usual email template (this will not exist in responsive email editor), in “Basic Smart Object” there will be an object called as “HTML Code” ( Icon used is fa-code).

User can use this object the same way as any other smart object and default it will insert a blank RAD Editor object.

It will open the RAD Editor in HTML tab by default.

User can provide their custom HTML code here and it will be applied to that cell.

Note: It is User’s responsibility on how this code behaves and if it breaks the template design or appearance.

Once the HTML code object is added to the template then on click of the object User cannot directly change the content and then cell will be displayed with dotted border to mention that this is HTML code.

In the tool palette for the cell, there will be an extra action for edit (icon is fa-edit), clicking on which will open the RAD Editor in HTML tab. User can also edit the design by double clicking anywhere within this cell.

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