Implementing Role Presets: A Step-by-Step Guide

Implementing Role Presets: A Step-by-Step Guide


The following guide outlines the process for implementing role presets, a new functionality for site admin users. This feature allows for the creation and assignment of role permissions efficiently, reflecting changes seamlessly for both site admin and super admin users.

Access the Role Management Page:

Log in as Site Admin:
Begin by logging into the system with site admin credentials. Use the designated URL (#sa/roles/preset) to access the role management page. This page is where new roles are created and managed.

Create a New Role:

Initiate Role Creation: Click on the "Create" button to start the process of creating a new role.

Configure Permissions:

Specify the permissions for the role:

View Permissions: Allow users to view certain sections.

Create Permissions: Allow users to create new entries in specific sections.

Edit Permissions: Allow users to edit existing entries.

Delete Permissions: Allow users to delete existing entries.

Utilize Role Presets:

If presets are configured for the installation, log in using super admin credentials to verify the new role. A prompt will appear to select from predefined presets. Choose the desired preset or proceed without selecting one.

Complete Role Creation:

Select the preset role from the dropdown then click on 'Go' button. Finalize the creation by clicking on the "Next" button and then the "Finish" button.

Assign Role:
Once the role setup is completed. Click on ‘More’ dropdown and assign the role to the desired users, user groups, organizations, organization groups and company.

Review and Finalize: 

Ensure that all functionalities are assigned to the navigation layout as expected based on the permission set for the role.


This enhancement simplifies the role creation process by allowing site admin users to set up roles that automatically reflect super admin users, ensuring consistency and efficiency in role management across the platform. This functionality is currently in the testing or development phase, and further updates will be provided upon successful completion.

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