Dashboard overview: Channel Partner (v4)

Dashboard overview: Channel Partner (v4)

Currently there are four different standard options designed specifically to enable Partners to the best of your portal's ability. Below you'll find the v4 channel partner dashboard widget options. As of Summer 2021 the new v5 widgets were released. You can read about the v5 dashboard widget options here: Dashboard Overview: Partner Basic - PRM Dashboard (v5) - (Contact your Consultant or Support to learn more about enabling v5 dashboards.)

Learn more about assign different Dashboards to Users and Groups here: How do I change the appearance of the Dashboard for other users?
Learn about editing Dashboards (if you are in v4 or older) here: How do I customize my dashboard? (For v4 and older)
Editing access to dashboards for customization is currently only available for v4 and older. To edit your v5 dashboard, please put in a Support ticket or work with your Consultant.
Below is a breakdown of the most common features of the channel partner dashboard.
A partner dashboard

  1. Web banner (optional) - Many clients prefer to use web banners to either design the majority of the dashboard page, or setup rotating welcome messages. 
  2. Quick stats widget (recommended) - This widget provides high level stats on key performance updates related to campaigns, contacts, opportunities, deals, and other updates tracked by Mindmatrix software.
  3. Quick links widget (recommended) - This widget allows the administrator to setup easy-to-access links to external resources OR tools within the software, such as the playbooks or contacts sections.
  4. Assist Me - Included with most accounts, this contains automated tutorials and how to articles for users to help them utilize the partner portal.
Configurable stats widgets within the partner portal
  1. Stats access - users may click here to open additional stats. This keeps the clutter off of the dashboard while providing necessary insight when needed.
  2. Contact activity feed and  newly released assets - Receive insight into the most recent actions of contacts in your account and access newly shared assets.
  3. To-do's - Review assigned tasks pushed to your CRM or directly to your dashboard for review.
  4. Company and Contact Activity graph - (pictured below) This popular feed will show activity over time from a glance:
Contact activity and Assets
View Assets - This widget allows users to quickly access their favorite assets, newest assets released, most popular among other users, and assets recommended by administrators. In addition, they may search based on categories configured by the administrator.

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