Tracking Links Give Insight Into Campaign ROI

Tracking Links Give Insight Into Campaign ROI

Who is this article useful for? 

This article is helpful for marketing directors and salespersons who manage marketing campaigns and sales initiatives.

What is a trackable link?

The purpose of a tracking link is that it creates a unique URL that is only used with one marketing activity. By including a unique link on one activity, you can see the traffic that is coming from that one source.  Learn how to generate a trackable link here in order to add it to everything from emails, social media, web pages, and print assets.

How does it work?

Trackable links can help marketers track ROI on campaigns by providing insight into how an asset performed across various channels. For example, if you are promoting a product through a landing page, you can create separate tracking links for each channel on which you plan to share the landing page. Then, we can see visits and track conversions across each channel. Often, tracking links reveal what platform your target audience prefers. This allows you to plan more effective future campaigns based on these results.

Go to Reports > External Tracking > External Links Report to review results.

Why should I use a trackable link?

When you’re spending time and money marketing and advertising your business, you want to know what works. Tracking links provide valuable data and analytics about a website or webpage. Tracking links show the relationship between marketing activities and results. Tracking your activities enables you to see how effective different types of marketing are for your business.

  1. Use a different tracking link for a direct mail campaign and a social media campaign. Then, track results to see which medium gave you the most conversions. 
  2. Track blog posts that you share on social media to see which social media site produces the most traffic.
  3. If your website is being featured online for an interview or feature, provide a tracking link so you can see how much traffic your website gets from the featured article.
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