How do I use the double-opt in feature for forms?

How do I use the double-opt in feature for forms?

Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 14 March 2018 08:00 PM


The double opt-in process includes two steps. In step 1, a potential subscriber fills out and submits your online form. In step 2, they'll receive a confirmation email and click a link to verify their email address, which is added to your contact list

Who will be using this?

This feature is available to all users who have access to web templates & media


The double opt-in confirms that the person who entered their email address actually wants to subscribe to the list. If this extra confirmation is not present (single opt-in) then any person could enter any email address to sign-up any other person.


To enable double opt-in for your forms, first, go to "Set Up", then open the "Asset Management" dropdown and select "Templates".  In the Templates Gallery, click on the "Forms" tab in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, and then either select a form to edit or click on the orange "Create" button to create an entirely new form.  

Once you are in the editor, select the form and click on ‘Form property and check the Double Opt-In check box to enable the feature. 

Double opt-in has now been enabled for the web template.

Now every new web visitor that fills up the form will receive a verification email. The visitor does not get added to your contact list until the verification link in the email is clicked.


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