What can I do to decrease the likelihood my email will go to my contact's spam folder?

What can I do to decrease the likelihood my email will go to my contact's spam folder?

Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 04 March 2016 11:45 AM

Ask Customers to White List our IPs

The best way to ensure your emails reach your contact's inbox is to white list our IPs.

Ask your contacts to whitelist any IPs within spf.mindmatrix.net

Mindmatrix IP Addresses to Whitelist: and

Sent using mmem10.com and mmem11.com

Additional Important Strategies to Keep Your Lists Healthy -


Provide Up-To-Date Contact Lists

As a best practice, it is very important that the contact list you are nurturing in Mindmatrix is clean. A clean contact list will:

  • Improve email deliverability
  • Increase the chances of emails reaching the inboxes of your contacts
  • Decrease hard bounces and unsubscribes

A clean contact list means that:

  • Email addresses and points of contact are up-to-date
  • Contacts have requested to receive information 

It is also strongly encouraged that you also update fields such as the industry, so that you can send targeted emails to specific lists of contacts, as targeted emails are more likely to be opened by your contacts.

Monitor Contacts

As a marketer, it is essential that your contacts are engaging with your content by opening emails, checking your social media pages, and browsing your website. 

If you see that a contact has not opened an email or if they have, have not opened another email, visited your website, or checked your social media pages in over 30 days, reach out to the contact to see if they would be the best person to get in touch with.  

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