How do I add contacts to a Sales Playbook?

How do I add contacts to a Sales Playbook?

For more information about Sales Playbooks from a user perspective, see How do I use a Playbook?

Adding Contacts to Sales Playbook (Stepwise-Wise View):

Click on the "Add/Remove Contacts" button.

'Add Contact(s) to Sales Playbook' options:
A. Dynamic List for Playbook: add all contacts from a Company Smart List
B. Selected Step to Add Contact(s)
C. Add From List: Add all contacts from a Recipient List, Smart List, or Company Smart List
D. Create New Contact
E. Manually Add or Remove Contacts

Select the step to which you wish to add contacts.

Make you selections and then click "Done"

Adding Contacts to Sales Playbook (Contact-Wise View):

Click on the "Add/Remove Contacts" button.

Follow steps above. Once you click "Done" the playbook UI will populate with Contact data.

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