How do I create a form?

How do I create a form?

Forms are online questionnaires that you can use to collect information on your customer base. Forms are also commonly used on Web Templates to create landing pages, or you can grab only the coding to a form to use it directly on a website in order to have an integrated form that will capture data within your portal!

To create a form, click on "Setup", then "Asset Management", then "Templates", then select "Form" and click "Create". 
Note: On the Bridge platform, clients can personalize menu navigation to better suit the specific needs of their Users. Things may be under a different part of your navigation bar depending on your settings and customization. Contact your platform administrator, Support Team or Consultant for further assistance if you can’t find the selection noted.

Give your form a name and then click on the "arrow" icon. 

Optional information fields: 
A. Description: add any relevant explanatory notes and comments
B. Filters and Filter Category: add search filter tags

If you wish, you may select a thumbnail image for your template. To move to the next section, click on the 'arrow' icon. 
Settings options: 
A. Upload a thumbnail

Select the questions that you wish to appear on your form. When you have selected all of the forms you need, scroll to the bottom and click "Close". 
If you'd like to add your own additional custom form fields, follow these instructions on how to create custom fields.

This will take you to the Editor window. The top bar of the Editor will allow you to add, remove, and preview content. 

  1.  - Add/remove different form fields
  2.  - Add/remove Captcha for security

To edit the borders and background of the form, click inside of the yellow dotted square. This will cause a new menu called "Form Object" to appear. (You can make this menu appear or disappear by clicking on the "Show Property/Hide Property" button). 

To edit a field, move your mouse to the upper left-hand corner. This will bring up a menu allowing you to make edits. 

When you have set up your fields, click on the 'next' icon. 

Select the template in which you wish to embed your form, and then click "Next". 

Finally, in the sharing section, use the sliders to select who will have access to the form, and then click "Finish". 

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