How do I create a User Group

How do I create a User Group

Why Create User Groups?
Creating a “Group” will allow you to easily organize your Users to share assets or assign system level permissions in Mindmatrix.
Groups will let you share assets with large numbers of Users simultaneously.  

For example, if you create a Marketing User Group and a separate Sales User Group, you can easily share relevant assets to all of your Marketing users by sharing them to the Marketing User Group, instead of each marketing User. This also makes it easier to revoke permissions.

User Groups will make it easier for you to change permission levels in the Software for large numbers of Users.

 If you need to repeal permissions for all of your Marketing Users, the easiest way is to assign them to a User Group where a Role is also assigned. This way, you change permission levels in the software for all of your Marketing Users by just adjusting a single role already associated with that User Group, or reassigning a new Role to the Marketing User Group.


To create a new User Group, go to Setup, then User Management and then User Groups.

Note: On the Bridge platform, clients can personalize menu navigation to better suit the specific needs of their Users. Things may be under a different part of your navigation bar depending on your settings and customization. Contact your platform adminsitrator, Support Team or Consultant for further assistance if you can’t find the selection noted.

Click “Create” to start the creation of a new User Group.



Create a name and description for your User Group. Select, “Show users among one another,” if you’d like others to see who is in their User Group. (It’s best to leave this unchecked so you don’t accidentally share Partner information.) Click on the 'arrow' icon when you are finished.

Choose which users you would like to add to your group by click on the icon by their name.  Click on the 'arrow' icon when you are finished.

Finally, you can pick which role you would like this group to have. To select a role, next to the role. Once you click “Finish", your new group will be added. 

For more information on Roles and assigning them, read: How do I setup a Role and Assign it to a group?

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