How do I create a poll?

How do I create a poll?

 For information on how to access and use the landing page editor, see: How do I create landing page web templates?

Inserting a poll into a webpage template:

In the landing page template editor, click on the “Add Object” drop-down and select “Poll”.

Make your selections, and then click "Done". 

Drag and drop the template to set positions and dimensions. 

Notes on the "Poll Question and Settings Menu":

Menu Sections:
A. Enter Question Text
B. Add Answer Option
C. Add Answer Option Text 
D. Insert Personalization Variables
E. Select a 'Thank You' message/follow on event

"After Submit" Options:

In this example, we created a poll question with three multiple choice options.

After the user clicks "Submit", a pop-up asking for their email address will come up. 

The "Thank You" After-Submit Option: If you have selected the option “Thank you Message” in “Poll Question and Settings”, a thank you message will be shown after the user submits their info.

The "URL Redirect" After-Submit Option: If you have selected the option “Redirect URL” in “Poll Question and Settings”, the present URL will be redirected to the URL mentioned in the After Submit URL section.

The "Show Graph" After-Submit Option: If you have selected the option “Show Graph” in “Poll Question and Settings”, a graphical representation of the poll will be presented.

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