How do I create an Email Drip Campaign?

How do I create an Email Drip Campaign?

Email Drip Campaigns are set-up to deliver pre-selected emails to select contacts on a continuous, pre-determined basis. Contacts added to email campaigns will always start from the first event.
To add Contacts and start Drips, go to the Manage tab, and then hit Campaigns. Drip template edits can be made here, as well, based on the permissions set in the Setup tab. 
Learn more about running Email Drip Campaigns here:  How to Run, Stop, and Schedule an Email Drip Campaign

Go to Setup > Asset  Management > Drip Templates > Create.

Click Create (or Edit, or Copy on an already created template) 

Fill in the Name, Description and Filters for your new Email Drip Campaign template

Email Drip Campaign templates are broken down into Events. There are four options to choose from for an Event, as outlined below. Email Drip Campaigns can start with a Send or Condition Event.  

You can also begin with a Send Event which allows you to first start with an email. Select, Send and choose an email template and then click on Submit. The system will choose the template name as the send Event name, or you can type in a Send Event name. Clicking, “Allow the user to edit” will give the end-user ability to make edits to the email template in that Event. 

 You can start with a Condition Event, which will allow you to create conditions for which contacts will be allowed through an Email Drip once running with a select List, or Contacts. An example of a starting Condition would be: "Must be a Prospect." To create this, select, “Condition,” as the first Event. Then Create New Filter For Drip, and select, and Contact Record Data to bring up the options. Select the secondary drop-down to pick the next identifier. Choose, Equal To, Prospect, and Add. Select Submit when done.

After the first Event is established, you can add a Delay to put a set timeframe between Events. To add a Delay, select the clock icon that says, Delay. You will have the option to name your Delay Event, choose a relative or an absolute delay time. Click on Submit when you are finished.

You can now hide the flow chart editor within the email campaign section of Mindmatrix. This feature, typically used to execute, halt, or schedule campaigns is manageable via the role settings. Navigate to the 'Operations' tab, find 'Drip Campaigns' permissions, and tick the 'Hide Flow Chart Editor' checkbox. This action will remove the flow chart editor from the drip campaign tools.  

You may also choose to add a System Event to your Email Drip Campaign template. A System Event consists of moving to another Email Drip template, a different Event of the same Drip template, or you can use this feature to update your Contact records. Choose the cogwheels icon to add a System Event.

Next, name your Event, choose the tab that corresponds  to your chosen action. Choose "Move to Program" to select a different Drip template, choose "Go to Event" to select an Event from the same template, “Update Contact Info” to update contact information,  “Create Tasks” to create a task for a sales user, or “Remove Contacts” to remove a contact from the Drip.

Make sure to hit Save at the top of the screen while you are creating your Drip campaign template to save any work.

As a best practice, you should test your Drip campaign to make sure it is working properly. To test your Drip campaign, click on the Test icon.

Choose the contact in your list that you want to send the test Drip campaign to by checking the box by the name. We suggest sending the test emails to yourself to make sure everything is working properly.

Continue to click the Proceed to Next Item link until you have completed the Drip campaign

Once you finish testing the Drip campaign template, you can click Done at the top of the page.

The last step is to set your Sharing permissions. You can choose specific permission levels for each User in your company, as well as if you would like them to be able to copy the Drip template or if you want it shared with them. 

You'll have options for sending notification emails when sharing the drip. If you select 'Send email notification to newly shared,' notifications will be dispatched only to the users with whom you share the template immediately after creation. Conversely, if you enable 'Send an email notification to all shared users,' notifications will go out to both newly shared users and those with whom the template was shared previously.

Once this is done, Click on the Save button at the top right.

There are tons of different ways to build each Email Drip template. Important things to consider when creating an Email Drip Campaign are:

1. Are your email templates completed? You cannot build your Drip campaign without your send Events created. You may edit the templates after the Drips are created, but you need to have the templates created to choose them in the template builder.

2. Set Event permissions. These templates can be used by any marketing and sales employee. Set permissions on editing each Event within the Event selector.

3. Create your basic Email Drip Campaign templates in the Setup tab.

4. The layout of the Drip cannot be edited once the program is running.

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