How do I create tasks from a system event in a drip campaign?

How do I create tasks from a system event in a drip campaign?

Who would use this?

Users responsible for contact management and structuring marketing drip campaigns - Usually a Marketing Manager or Marketing Coordinator. 

For information on how to access and use the drip template editor, see How to Create a Social Media Drip Campaign Template

  1. From the drip template editor, select System (blue icon with gear symbol).

  1. Name your system event, select if you would like to allow the user to edit this upon completion, and select the type of event you require.

    You’ll notice that you have 4 options:

    a) Move to program - This allows you to place the contacts into the drip into a subsequent drip campaign
    b) Go to event - This allows you to move contacts around within the drip, usually based on a condition of the contact (such as whether or not they opened a particular email)
    c) Update Contact Info - This allows you to fill in or check off fields within the contact records of the contacts within the drip (such as if they have completed the drip)
    d) Create tasks - This allows you to create a To Do task for users within your company

    For this article, we will explore creating tasks for users in the system.

  2. Select the Create tasks tab.

  3. From the drop down, select which user you’d like to assign the task to. You are also able to assign tasks to various users based on ownership, which user created the contact moving through the event, or the currently logged-in user.

  4. Once you choose your user(s), fill in the to-d- memo (this would likely be something like, “Call this contact because they recently opened email X”), enable email and/oe SMS notifications, and click Submit.

  5. Once submitted, always remember to hit Save.

  6. An example of when you may want to use this function would be if you’d like your sales reps to call on contacts who opened a particular email in a drip series.

    Now you are free to close the drip template, and it will be available for use within the Manage > Campaigns section.  As contacts complete the system event, the changes/updates you’ve triggered will be employed.

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