How do I edit a running blog drip?

How do I edit a running blog drip?

Accessing the Social Drip Campaign gallery: 

To navigate to the Social Drip Campaign gallery, go to Manage > Campaigns > Social Drip.

Click on the "Running" tab, and then select the campaign that you wish to edit. 

Depending on the type of post that you wish to create/edit, select either the "Regular Post" or "Specific Day" tab, and then either click on the "Create" button (to add a new post), or click on a post entry that you wish to replace. 

Creating or replacing upcoming posts: 

Note: the process is the same one for creating blog entries for a not-yet-running Drip Campaign Template. For information see How do I create a blog drip?
 Enter a blog message title and body text, and then click on the "Media" button to attach the blog content.

"Specific Day" Blog Posts
A. For "Specific Day" posts, this is where you enter the posting date and time.
Use the dropdown to select "Blog Post" and then select the blog template that you would like to use.

 To generate you post, click "Save".

Repeat for all campaign posts. 

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