How can I share Contacts using a Smart List?

How can I share Contacts using a Smart List?

A Smart List is a fluid and dynamic list that is based on conditions or activity. If you’d like to share contacts based on certain conditions, you can use Smart Lists to set automatic sharing of certain contacts that match set conditions or activity mapped out in the Smart List. 
Note: Sharing the smart list will only share the contacts with the other users and not the smart list itself. Users need to create a matching smart list of their own to view the list object within their account.

First, go to the Smart List area by selecting to “My Database,” then “Contact Lists.” You can either create a new Smart List, or click on an existing Smart List.
Note: Things may be under a different part of your navigation bar depending on your settings and customization. Contact your Support team or Consultant for further assistance if you can’t find the selection noted
Learn more about creating Smart Lists here: How do I create a Smart List?

If you create a new Smart List, the third step will allow you to select which Users you'd like to share the contact. Click Share next to each User's name.

If you are using a pre-existing list, click on that list, and select the Views drop-down. This will bring up the Sharing option for you to click.

Under Sharing, click Share next to each User's name who you would like to have the ability to view and edit the contacts.

Make sure to click Save when done

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