Difference between Recipient List and Smart List

Difference between Recipient List and Smart List

Recipient List

-       Recipient Lists are simple lists in which you can add any group of contacts with different attributes or actions.

-       You have to manually add contacts to the recipient lists. 

-       These lists can be added to the drip campaigns, but if you will add any new contact to the list then it will not update in the drip unless you will manually add that contact to the drip as well. 

-       Find more help articles on how to create a recipient list, add a contact, and remove a contact from a Recipient List.


Smart List

-       Smart Lists are great tools to dynamically segment contacts on the basis of their attributes or actions. 

-       Contacts are pulled automatically into the Smart List on the basis of the condition(s) used. You cannot add contacts manually to it. 

-       You can enable the notifications for these lists so you will be notified when a contact is added to that list. 

-       These lists can also be added as a dynamic list in the drip campaign, if any new contact will be added to the list then it will automatically be added to the drip also. 

-       More help on how to create a Smart List.

Similarities between Recipient and Smart lists

-       Sharing a Smart List/ Recipient List with any fellow user will only share all the contacts which are in that list. 

-       The Recipient Lists and Smart Lists are user specific, which means they need to be created manually in each account. 

-       You can send an email to more than one contact by utilizing Smart and/or Recipient Lists upon sending an email.  

-       You can use both of these lists in association with Email Drip Campaigns. (Note - Only one list can be associated with an Email Drip Campaign at a time, but multiple Smart Lists and Recipient Lists can be associated with a single composed email send. Also it will send email to a contact only once no matter how many lists its a part of)

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