How Do I Install The Tracking Code Into My Website?

How Do I Install The Tracking Code Into My Website?

You will need:
  1. Your Webmaster (if necessary)
  2. Access to the HTML of your website, or the footer HTML in your CMS.
Why Do I Need A Tracking Code?

The AMP generated tracking code is a very important part of how the software works. It allows AMP to tell you who is visiting your company website. Moreover, the tracking code will tell you where your visitors live, what pages they are visiting, how long they are spending on your website’s pages, and how they found your website.

How Do I Install A Tracking Code?

Forward the file of tracking code to your Webmaster.

Your Webmaster can copy and paste the tracking code directly into the HTML of your website.

The JavaScript must be inserted on every page of your website in between the <head> tags. If you have a PHP-based site, they can install the tracking code between the <head></head> tags in your footer.php or header.php file. The tracking code will not affect the appearance of your website. Our support team will be able to tell you if your tracking code is installed correctly.

What stats will my Tracking Code enable me to see?
  1. The contacts that have visited your website
  2. The pages that your contacts have visited on your website
  3. Anonymous visits to your website of contacts that are not in your contact list yet, including their domain and location depending on their security settings.
If you don't have website tracking code yet, click here to learn how to generate website tracking code. If you're in MSP Advantage or a Concierge Program with Mindmatrix, you can request your tracking code from
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