How do I create a tracking code for my website?

How do I create a tracking code for my website?

It is possible to personalize navigation menus within Mindmatrix software. If you are unable to navigate to the correct page, contact your platform administrator.

Asset & External Website tracking

Users may add a tracking code to their website. This tracking code allows reporting of both, anonymous and known visitors to the tracked website. Known visitors are all those contacts who have opened an email which was sent by users using the system. All Assets in the system can be similarly tracked as they are also sent as a link by users in emails or social media. 

Who would use this?

Users who want to view visits to a webpage in order to view web leads.

  1. Click on Manage > External Tracking > External Sites
  2. Click “Create”
  3. Enter the address of your website.
  4. Copy and paste your finished code between the <body></body> tags of your website. If you have a PHP based website, paste the code into your footer.php file. Find out how to install the website tracking code on your website here. Also, please refer to this link on how to share anonymous web leads with other users.
  5. When you're complete with generating and installing your website tracking code, you can share this website activity with other users in your company or organization. 
    Follow the instructions here on how to share contact activity through smart lists.

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