How to create user smart lists based on user activity or usage (For Channel Program Admins)?

How to create user smart lists based on user activity or usage (For Channel Program Admins)?

If you are a channel manager admin, you can utilise the user smart lists to identify your top and lowest performing partners. This can enable you to send these partners user-based email campaigns to encourage further adoption of your program and tools in your Mindmatrix driven partner-portal.
Posted by The Team at Mindmatrix on 16 August 2017 05:17 PM

To create a user smart list, go to Connections > User Smart Lists.

User Smart Lists FolderUser Smart Lists Folder

To create a new User Smart List, click 'Create'.

User Smart List Create ButtonUser Smart List Create Button

Enter the name and description of your User Smart List. Then click "Next":

User Smart List Info TabUser Smart List Info Tab


Next, select your conditions for the filter in the user smart list from the drop down. To create a user smart list based on user internal system activity or usage, select "Users Record Data".

User Smart List Conditions TabUser Smart List Conditions Tab



The following conditions are available under 'Users Record Data' for internal system activity or usage based filters:

Active Contacts Level (ActiveContactsStatus) - Contacts within the users account

Asset Usage Level (AssetUsedStatus) - Assets (Print 'PDF' Assets) customized or generated by the user

Email Engagement Level (EmailActivityStatus) - Emails sent by the user

Login Status (LoginStatus) - Logins completed by the user


You can then select the following options:

Hot - Completed within 24 hours
High - Completed within the past 7 days
Medium - Completed within the past month
Low - Completed within the past 3 months
Not sure - Completed over 3 months ago
Inactive - No activity completed


In this example, we have generated a User Smart List for Users that have sent an email within 7 days.

User Smart List Advanced TabUser Smart List Advanced Tab

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