How do I share or unshare Contacts with Users or Groups?

How do I share or unshare Contacts with Users or Groups?

Contacts can be shared between Users in several ways. You can manually share contacts using the below directions, or using Contact Lists. Learn more about sharing groups of contacts automatically by using Smart Lists here: How can I share Contacts using a Smart List?

Start by going to My Database > Contacts
Note: Things may be under a different part of your navigation bar depending on your settings and customization. Contact your Support team or Consultant for further assistance if you can’t find the selection noted

From there click on the contact that you wish to share or unshare. (You can also create a new contact by choosing, Create). In the Contact window, click on the Views drop down. From there click on the “Sharing” button.

To share a contact with a User click Add next to each User name you'd like to share with.

Click, Remove to stop sharing

Make sure to click Save when done

You can also change the Ownership of a contact. To learn more, read: How do I change the owner of a contact?

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