Dashboard Overview: Partner Basic - Mindmatrix Bridge (Version 5)

Dashboard Overview: Partner Basic - Mindmatrix Bridge (Version 5)

Currently there are four different standard options designed specifically to enable Partners to the best of your portal's ability. As of Summer 2021 the new v5 widgets were released and below you'll find the v5 Partner Basic - PRM standard dashboard widgets available to use. You can contact your Consultant or Support to learn more about enabling v5 dashboards. If you are still operating using v4 Dashboards, you can read about the v4 Dashboard Widget options here: Dashboard Widget Descriptions v4

Learn more about assign different Dashboards to Users and Groups here: How do I change the appearance of the Dashboard for other users?
Editing access to dashboards for customization is currently only available for v4 and older. To edit your v5 dashboard, please put in a Support ticket or work with your Consultant.

1. Profile - Let your Users know their appearance and percent completion of their User Profile information. Additionally, bring in their Organization branding for a more personalized touch, and engagement level to encourage portal use. 
2. Web banner - Many clients prefer to use web banners to either design the majority of the dashboard page, or setup rotating welcome messages. 
3. Channel Manager - Quick access to their support team member at your company.

4. Onboarding -  Help your Users get started in your portal This will help Users keep track of their onboarding concerning learning the portal. Once complete, you, as the portal admin, can choose to make this widget disappear from the dashboard for your Users.

5. Deal Registration - High-level review of most current deals - including approved, pending rejected and converted Opportunities, as well as an option to sort and register a new deal.

6. Opportunities - View Opportunity status - Live, Closed-Won, Closed-Lost, Inactive. If a User has the Create Opportunity permission, an additional button will appear to allow them to quickly create a new one.

7. Cases (Support) - Overview of open Support cases with IDs and current status.

8. Assets - Let Partners see what assets are available and most used. Users can also search by category and keyword.

9. Playbooks (Partner Campaigns) - This widget will show Playbooks meant to help Partners market themselves.

10. Training - Show off your current Learning Management System courses and curriculum. Users can view where they are in both course completion, and exams, as well as access recommended training. 

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