How do I create a subscription list for my marketing campaigns?

How do I create a subscription list for my marketing campaigns?

Subscription lists are powerful tools you can use to manage your contact database. Using subscription lists, you can:
  1. Opt contacts into particular campaigns
  2. Allow contacts to unsubscribe from specific campaigns
  3. Target contacts with refined lists

Creating a Subscription List...

For information about how to create or edit a recipient list, see How do I create a contact Recipient List?

...from scratch:

Navigate to your Recipient List gallery and click on the "Create" button. 

In the "Info" section of the Recipient List editor, click on the "Subscription list" checkbox.

From there, proceed as would you for any other type of Recipient List. editing an existing Recipient List:

Navigate to your Recipient List gallery and click on the entry that you wish to designate as a subscription list.

Click on More > Info.

Here, you'll see an option to mark this recipient list as a subscription list as well. Click on the "Is Subscription List" checkbox and then click "Save".

Now, any contacts emailed who belong to this list will see an updated unsubscribe page with the option to opt out of particular subscriptions or all emails sent by this particular user.

Unsubscribing from an email list: 

Once subscribed to specific subscription lists, contacts will see an updated unsubscribe page:

In this example, this contact belongs to the "Marketing list". This is the recipient list that was marked as a subscription list.

Contacts may choose to unsubscribe from all campaigns or now, unsubscribe from the specific subscription list owned by the user who emailed them.

Once unsubscribed from this specific subscription list, the next time this contact visits their unsubscribe page, it will be updated as follows:

Now, this contact only has one specific unsubscribe option that does not include the "Marketing List".

Reviewing contacts subscription lists in your account

Users can review the Contacts in any subscription list and navigating to the preview section.

A user can click on a Contact entry to view its subscribed/unsubscribed status. 

If you attempt to email this contact using the subscription list again, the platform will not send them the email:

In this example, there is one contact in the subscription list that is unsubscribed to that particular list, so 0 emails were sent to this contact and there is a 0% open rate as well as 0 links clicked.

Other options to manage subscription lists

You may automate adding contacts to subscription lists by adding contacts to your list via a drip campaign.
For more information about Email Drip Campaign Templates, see....
  1.  How do I create an Email Drip Campaign?, or...
  2. How do I use the Drip Campaign 'system event'  feature?

In the Drip Campaign template editor, when creating a new campaign event, select the "System" option. 

Click on the "Add to Recipient Lists" tab, select/type in the relevant Subscription List name, and then click on the "Submit" button.

How can contacts re-subscribe to an email list?

Contacts can re-subscribe by emailing you separately or by completing a form to sign up. In both cases, you need to update the subscription contact list.

Once a contact unsubscribes from a list, it will no longer be an option on their subscription page:

This contact is unsubscribing from Subscription Check 2
A message will appear once a contact unsubscribes, confirming their update and explaining how they can re-subscribe:

The updated subscription list page will display the remaining subscriptions:

Admin users can also manually subscribe/unsubscribe a Contact entry. For more information, see How do I unsubscribe a contact?

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