For Channel and CorePRM Programs: How to create a co-branded asset and give partners access

For Channel and CorePRM Programs: How to create a co-branded asset and give partners access

It is possible to personalize navigation menus within Mindmatrix software. If you are unable to navigate to the correct page, contact your platform administrator.
This article will cover how an admin in a channel program can setup an asset with partner co-branding and give partners access to use it.

Step 1: Create the asset

  1. Go to Setup > Asset Management > Templates

  2. Select the type of asset you’d like to create on the left column under “Folder” and click “Create”

  1. Use the following how to articles to create an asset based on type:

Step 2: Add dynamic partner co-branding and contact information

  1. Add dynamic partner branding and/or personalization (contact information) to your asset
    1. Add the partner’s logo:
      1. Click to add an image object.

  1. Select the drop down next to “map to” and select “organization.photoID”.
    Note: Your partners are all setup in their own organizations under your company. Their logo will be placed in the organization photo field. This will then dynamically update when they generate the asset on their end with the logo from their organization profile.

    Here’s a how to article for print.

    1. Add the partner’s contact information:

      1. Click to add a text object.

      1. Select the “field chooser” icon.

      1. For partner’s contact information, you have 2 optionsUser variables or Organizationvariables.

        1. User: Insert the partner’s individual user contact information from their user profile

        2. Organization: Insert the partner’s company level or main office contact information from their organization profile

      1. Insert the variables you’d like to appear in the asset dynamically (such as: ##organization.url##). When you are done, click save. 

Here’s an example of how to add variables to an email template.

Make sure to click “save” as you go, so you don’t lose your work.

Step 3: Share the asset to your partners

For guidance on how to share an individual template: How do I share a single asset template with Users, Groups, and/or Organizations?

For guidance on sharing multiple templates at once: How do I share multiple asset templates at once with Users, Groups, and/or Organizations?