How can I prepare contacts for CCPA or other privacy acts?

How can I prepare contacts for CCPA or other privacy acts?

Make sure that you familiarize yourself with any privacy acts impacting the region of contacts you send marketing emails. Certain privacy acts such as CCPA or GDPR are based on the residency of the contacts you market, and not the physical location of your business. Before you deploy any marketing campaign, make sure that you only opt-in contacts that have expressed consent to receive marketing emails about your business and services.
In addition, take special care to familiarize yourself with any additional regulations you are obligated to comply with in order to safe guard the privacy and security of your contacts, as well as maintain a record of their consent.

Below are steps we recommend you take to update your list prior to marketing to any contacts that may be residents of California. To prepare for CCPA we recommend you start by:
Reviewing and cleaning your lists of any non-consenting contacts
Emailing contacts to make sure you captured their consent to receive marketing campaigns
Preparing to delete any contacts that are residents of California
Ensuring you understand how to unsubscribe any contacts that are are residents of California

In accordance with the steps listed above, here are resources you can utilize to update your contact database:
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